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Laravel is a free and open-source PHP web framework, created by Taylor Otwell and intended for the development of web applications following the model–view–controller architectural pattern and based on Symfony

16 Apr 2023 05:50 PM


Create Cron Job Task Scheduling in Laravel

How to create a Cron Jon in laravel. Making a Cron Job in Laravel is simple and easy. if you have question about laravel Cron Jon then i will give simple example with solution.

Force Redirect HTTP To HTTPS In Laravel

How to force redirect HTTP to HTTPS in laravel Here we will show you two methods in laravel redirect to HTTPS first is laravel redirect HTTP to HTTPS via htaccess and the second is laravel force redirect HTTPS using middleware.

Compare two date and time in laravel

Carbon is a package by Brian Nesbit that extends PHP's own DateTime class. It provides some nice functionality to deal with dates in PHP. Specifically things like: Dealing with timezones. Getting current time easily.

Authentication using Sanctum

Laravel Sanctum provides a simple authentication system for SPA (single page applications), mobile applications Or Web Application, and simple, token based APIs. Sanctum also allows each user of your application to generate multiple API tokens for their account.

Create Slug in Laravel

Slug is just a simplified string that comes at the end of URL which usually refers to some specific page or post. It makes your URL SEO and user friendly. Slugs can also improve your ranking in the search engine as it makes it easy to predict the content of the page.

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