How many type profile labels and checkmarks on Twitter

Twitter applies visual identity and different types of accounts. Some of these indicators are applied by Twitter, while others are triggered by user action.

30 Apr 2023 01:07 PM


Blue checkmark

The blue checkmark means that an account has an active subscription to Twitter Blue and meets Twitter legibility requirements.

Gold checkmark & square profile picture

The gold checkmark indicates that the account is an official business account through Twitter Verified Organizations.

Grey checkmark

The grey checkmark indicates that an account represents a government/multilateral organization account or a government/multilateral official account.

Automated account labels

Automated labels provide transparency by helping you identify if an account is a bot or not. When an account displays the "automated" account label you know the account is generating automated content not produced by a human.

Professional category labels

Professional category labels are selected by people on Twitter when they convert to a Professional Account. Twitter does not control the selection of these labels

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