How to Setting up Flutter step by step

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Welcome guys, In this article, We will learn how to setting up flutter step by step . If you do not have Flutter setup and you want to do it then this article is perfect for you.We will tell you by doing everything from starting to it, you can setup Flutter by following it step by step.

Why is Flutter Important ? 

  1. Same UI and Business Logic in All Platforms
  2. Reduced Code Development Time
  3. Increased Time-to-Market Speed
  4. Similar to Native App Performance
  5. Custom, Animated UI of Any Complexity Available
  6. Own Rendering Engine
  7. Simple Platform-Specific Logic Implementation
  8. The Potential Ability to Go Beyond Mobile
  9. You can create UI/UX for iOS/Android/Web application platforms with Flutter.
  10. As Flutter components have counterpart rights, iOS/Android/Web application can be reused for these components.
  11. Flutter to enable the rapid and simplified development of cross-platform mobile applications
  12. The developer needs to write a single code base for all platforms

Requirements specification

To download and successfully install Flutter to your pc, you need to consider the minimum hardware/software specifications required to support the app and run it smoothly.

Hardware Requirements:

  1. RAM: minimum 4GB / Recommended
  2. HDD: minimum 256 / Recommended 256 + SSD
  3. Processor : core i5+ / AMD6

Software Requirements:

To efficiently install and set up Flutter on your pc device, you will need to install the following: 

  1. Android Studio / VS code
  2. Android SDK
  3. Install JDK
  4. Install flutter SDK

Android Studio And VS code download

First of all we go to the official website of Android Studio and download Android Studio from there

Go to Android Studio

After download android studio we install on our pc. we will also install visual studio like we will easy to code editing.

Go to visual studio

Installing Flutter SDK

  1. Download the latest version of Flutter SDK from here – Download Flutter SDK for Windows.
  2. Once you download the SDK, it’s time to extract the zip file and move the contained flutter to the desired location for the Flutter SKD.

Get the Flutter SDK For Windows just Click Here ?


Here, I am installing Flutter to E:\Flutter

1: Extract the zip file and place the contained flutter in the desired installation location for the Flutter SDK (for example, E:\Flutter).

Path Update

If you want to execute Flutter commands in the regular Windows console, consider the given steps to add Flutter to the Path environment variable on your pc:

  1. Type ‘env’ in the Start Search bar and select – Edit environment variable for your account.
    2. Now, check the entry called Path: under User variables.
  2. If you don’t find any such entry, append the full path to flutter\bin using; as a separator from existing values.
  3. Create a new user variable named Path with the full path to flutter\bin as its value if you don’t find any entry

Whoa !! Congratulations! 🙌 You have successfully installed Flutter on your Windows system .

Run flutter doctor

Now, run the following command from a console window with the Flutter directory in the above path to determine if there are any platform dependencies you need in order to finish the setup:

E:\flutter> flutter doctor